FAQ - 19 inch server-chassis

1U chassis and PCIe/PCI plug-in cards

A maximum of one full profile plug-in card (single slot) can be integrated via riser-card in a 19-inch housing with one unit height. For bridging the distance between a fixed riser card and the plug-in card, a small extender card is usually required. We offer fixed riser-cards with extender for PCIe x16 as well as standard PCI as sets. Alternatively riser-cards with flexible connection cable can be used. In practice, however, we realized a better signal quality and a mechanically safer connection with the fixed solutions.

2U chassis and PCIe/PCI plug-in cards

For 19-inch enclosures with two units height, there are generally two variants: those with "low-profile" slots for vertical mounting of low-profile plug-in cards and those with horizontal mounting of full-profile plug-in cards via optional riser-card. In rare cases there is also the possibility of mixed mounting as in our IPC-E266B. In the first case, it is important whether the desired plug-in card is supplied with a "low-profile" bezel. This is the case with many modern network cards and controllers - sometimes also with graphics cards with lower performance. In a horizontal installation, the riser-card used must be very precisely matched to the selected enclosure, the mainboard and the plug-in card(s) to be installed.

3U chassis and PCIe/PCI plug-in cards

19-inch housings with three height units offer the option of accommodating full-profile plug-in cards with full overall height vertically in the housing. However, only a very narrow gap remains between the top edge of the plug-in card and the cover of the housing. For modern graphics cards with power connectors from above this means: these plug-in cards can unfortunately not be integrated into 3U housings, because the wiring would protrude beyond the upper edge of the housing. For modern graphics cards with separate power supply it is almost always necessary to use a 4U case.

4U chassis and PCIe/PCI plug-in cards

In 19-inch enclosures with four height units, even large plug-in cards such as full-profile graphics cards with overhead power supply can be plugged in without any problems. For A/V workstations with powerful graphics cards, we usually recommend this format.

1U chassis and CPU fan

Only extremely compact centrifugal fans can be used in narrow 19-inch housings with one height unit for the active ventilation of socket-mounted processors. Please note that these fans are designed for industrial use and operate relatively noisily. We offer a wide range of Dynatron fans for this application.

1U chassis and port bezels

Please note that the standard port bezels of mainboards generally do not fit in 1U enclosures. The form factor of 1U enclosures with a height of 44.50 mm is smaller than the usual height of port bezels, so that only specialized bezels are used in the 1U range. The complete server systems offered by us in the 1U range are equipped with adapted port bezels. In certain cases we can offer individualized port bezels for your project (from 100 pcs.) - please just contact us.

1U chassis and internal power supplies

Only extremely compact internal power supply units of the "Flex-ATX" or "1U" type are suitable for 19-inch enclosures with one unit height. Only Flex-ATX power supplies fit into short cases with a depth of only 25-30cm. These power-supplies are available from us in the power range from approx. 100W to 500W. From about 40cm depth the longer "1U" power supplies can also be used in individual cases - but please consult is if the usage of a certain "1U" power supply is possible. For the use of redundant 1U power supplies, chassis depths of 65cm-70cm as well as a corresponding support of the respective model by the housing are usually necessary.


19-inch enclosures with front-access offer the possibility to install the mainboard with the ports and connectors to the front (i.e. turned 180 degrees). The plug-in cards are also accessible from the front with this case type and any connections can be easily and quickly changed from the user's side. Some enclosures are designed exclusively for "front access" operation, while others can be optionally converted, such as the 1U IPC-C125B enclosure.